Upgrading Tickets

Magic Your Way Tickets are upgradable even after they have been used. If you wish to add additional days or one or more of the Options to your MYW Ticket you may do so by paying the difference between your original ticket and the new upgraded ticket as long as your ticket has not exceeded the 14 day window since initial activation.

Stipulations include that you cannot upgrade the number of days on the ticket past 10. You also cannot downgrade to a lower valued ticket to recover used options. If you add the No Expiration Option you must pay the rate for the total number of days on the ticket, not just the remaining days on a used ticket.

It is highly recommended to take advantage of this policy and do not add options initially if you are unsure if you need them or not. There is no cost penalty to add them later.

MYW Tickets can also be upgraded to Annual Passes. Regular Annual Passes can be upgraded to Premium Annual Passes.

Special Note: If you are upgrading tickets that were purchased somewhere other than at the Walt Disney World Resort it is recommended that you use the ticket to enter a park before upgrading. The reason for doing this has to do with Disney upgrading policy.

If you upgrade an “unused ticket” the computer scans the ticket to determine its original sales price. If this ticket was sold to a discounter, like AAA, the initial credit that you receive is the price the discounter paid (not what you paid). Then it calculates the difference between that ticket and the new one with the upgrades and you pay the difference.

Once the ticket is initially used, the starting “value” of the ticket is calculated at “Gate Price” no matter what it was initial purchase price is. In this case, you pay the difference between gate price and the upgrade price.

If you purchased your tickets through Disney as part of a package, most likely you paid gate price and can upgrade at any time without penalty.